How quickly can you start running my payroll?
This will depend on the complexity of your requirements but usually within 4 weeks. We will discuss and agree a convenient time-line with you. For larger payrolls, a parallel run before we assume sole responsibility is often recommended.

When will you need payroll information from me each month?
We will agree a monthly process that suits the needs of your business, working back from your payday and provide you with a timetable for ease of reference during the year?

The Inland Revenue routinely carry out PAYE compliance visits and will want to see our payroll records. If I outsource the payroll, I will not have the records here to show them?
With your permission, the Inland Revenue can examine the payroll records we maintain for your business at our offices. We can attend the inspection with or without you or we can simply let them examine the records and report back to you. We can also provide advice and support during PAYE compliance visits from the Revenue.

Do you only offer payment by BACS?
We can also offer payment by Telepay (Lloyds Bank Customers) Alternatively you can pay your employees by cheque, cash or electronic transfer from your bank account. However BACS is recommended as a secure and confidential method of payment and 90% of salaries in the UK are paid by BACS.

How does payment by BACS actually work?
Once you have approved your payroll for payment, (typically by email to us) we arrange payment via our BACS Bureau and your sponsoring Bank. It is a three day process. On Day 1, the data is sent to your Bank, on Day 2 the funds leave your account and on Day 3, the funds credit your employee’s accounts.

How will you know about changes to tax codes?
We recommend we are nominated as your Filing By Internet payroll agent so we receive coding notices in the fastest possible way and can implement them on the following payroll run.

How do we nominate you as our Filing By Internet payroll agent?
We will provide you with the necessary Inland Revenue form FBI for signature.

How do you charge your fees?
We raise an invoice for each calendar quarter and request payment within 28 days. For larger payrolls we prefer payment by monthly standing order.

How much will you charge?
Our charges are at fixed rates which vary according to volume. Contact us for a quote.